Geek Foibles

The Search for a Better Smartphone

Here I’ll be maintaining an index of all the posts I make relevant to my search for a replacement for my iPhone.

My iPhone experience: too much trouble, not enough paradise
A summary of my irritation with the iPhone’s unresponsiveness, the slowness and unreliability of AT&T’s 3G network, and my plan to look at other phones and networks to see if anyone has anything to offer that I like better.

Smartphone impressions: Motorola CLIQ
I play with the Motorola CLIQ at the T-Mobile store.  The phone is reasonable, but while my initial impression doesn’t make me think it’s the iPhone killer I’m looking for, Android does have some features I’m very intrigued by.

Smartphone impressions: Palm Pre
I tried Sprint’s Palm Pre, and while I quite like the unique webOS software, the keyboard ruins it for me.

Smartphone impressions: Samsung Moment
Samsung’s first attempt at an Android phone boasts a fast processor and a roomy keyboard, but a lack of useful results from both (plus a few other underwhelming factors) leave it a disappointing device.


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